The Pequizeiro Great Danes are selected to be great family companion, and they also keep the guardian temperament.
We test them for hip and elbow dysplasia (HD and ED), cardiac and hearing (BAER).

Our history with the Great Danes begun in 1988 when my godmother Julia Marquez, breeder by Gasadena affix, gifted us with Bianca, a fawn bitch with the most pleasant temperament. With Bianca we started our breeding under Von Kalinka affix, and since then we always had Danes, even with some instervals from breeding, as companion and guard.


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In Memorian


BISS IntCh GrCh PanCh Bela Adormecida do Banvi
(JWW GrCh Vip's Vip Mcload Josh x GrCh Bebel Debret do Jardim Silva)

Best female of Brazil 2012
Selected to Top20 Brazil 2012  (all varieties)
#1 of Region II - Ranking DogShow 2011 & 2012
Selected on all breed Top20 of CopaBrasília 2012



JrCh Bravo de Nauroz Khan - Tanque
(Ch Big Boss A. von Kalinka x Mina Yamarashi) 

BOS at four months old






 Ch Big Boss Almighty von Kalinka
(Bier do Castello do Bosque x Atenas do Gasadena)

Best Great Dane of Copa KCB 1992 & 1993 (all varieties)





Bianca - Atenas do Gasadena
(Apolo von Stetti x Aloa de Wunsterland)