Pequizeiro Kennel

Pequizeiro is a family kennel, the dogs are our companion and guard, so the litters are occasional, only when we believe that the choosed combination will improve our breeding program and the breed in general.

Our aim is to breed typical dogs, both in appearance and in temperament, in accordance with the breed standard, and healthy. To that, the mates are planned carefully, and the dogs are tested to the pertinent genetic diseases.

We're first registered in Brazilian Kennel Club in 1988, and our kennel original name was Von Kalinka, when we bred Miniature Schnauzers and Great Danes. Today we continue with the Danes, but the little fluffy ones are English Cocker Spaniels.



We finished 2017 as number 2 breeder of Brasil in our two breeds!! (all systems)


In 2016 Pequizeiro Kennel was number 1 Great Dane breeder of Brazil (fawn/brindle, all systems)!!

We also were 2016 number 2 English Cocker breeder at Dogshow ranking and number 4 at CBKC ranking!

Varieties and colors


We breed only fawn/brindle Great Danes, and particolor Cockers .

Our Cockers carry all non-solid colors, and acording the combinations some of them can appear, but since this is not our aim, the more probable puppy colors here are blue roan and blue roan and tan (tricolor).